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Cloud Hotel Management System in Madurai

A hotel management system is a technology created for hotel owners who want to organize their business, boost productivity, and improve the guest experience. This system offers all the resources required to operate a profitable hotel business, from reservations to housekeeping, accounting to front desk operations. >

Covenant Technologies proffer High-flexibility hotel management software, makes it possible for properties ranging in size from mid-sized to large hotels to automate every aspect of their operations with the utmost simplicity. For hotels, hotel chains, resorts, motels, restaurants, cafés, inns, etc., we offer a complete solution for hotel management system that aids in managing your daily company operations. The main goal of this software is to assist you in managing duties like room booking, inventory control, revenue management, check-ins and check-outs, etc.

We also measure important indicators with our hotel management software, such as reservations, occupancy rates, average daily rates, etc. You can use this information to guide your hotel management decisions. In addition to making short-term changes to strengthen particular areas, you may also concentrate on a long-term strategy to move your organization closer to the objectives you've set. In order to provide the best user experience and streamline hotel operations, all solutions are seamlessly linked to fulfill the needs of hotels and restaurants.

Key features of a Hotel Management Software

The main features you should look for include reporting, management statistics, housekeeping features, guest history, rates management, integrations, booking management, room management capabilities, and payment processing.

Front Desk Management

Hotel Booking Software
Task Automation
House keeping Module
Banquet Management
Stores & Inventory
Guest Management
Hotel Analytical Report

Cloud-based Hotel Management Software for all your Hotel Needs

Digitalization has had an impact on a number of business sectors and industries. To enhance their operations and maintain competitiveness in their marketplaces, organizations must use the newest technological solutions. The hotel business is similar. However, smaller companies have historically had limited access to cutting-edge digital solutions. Today, even the smallest businesses may obtain the equipment they require to operate profitably. Software for hotel administration is no different in this regard. We Covenant Technologies provide software that handles a variety of duties, including managing the front desk, back office operations and accounting, back office jobs, online booking portals, bookings, and event management.

Hotel Front Desk Software

Room Rack Display, Plan/Package, Guest History, Check in/Check Out, Group Bookings, Room Service, Guest Folio & Billing, Corporate Accounting, Night Audit, etc. are all covered by hotel front desk software.

The front desk management system from Covenant Technologies contains a reservation chart that is organized as a grid and shows the most recent status of hotel reservations. On this hotel front desk software, click the reservation chart to create or edit reservations, examine real-time information on room inventory, and do a variety of other tasks. We streamline the check-in and check-out processes for both individual and group hotel reservations. Front office management is simple thanks to our effective dashboard layout for room operations.

Hotel Booking Software

The hotel room booking software system from Covenant Technologies records bookings made via the hotel's customized online booking engine, telephone booking, or channel manager connected to several OTAs. The hotel management software effectively manages reservations from all of your sources while offering your guests world-class services.

When managed manually, maintaining track of room inventory, rates, and online synchronization is very difficult. Our software is created to provide a straightforward user interface while managing challenging tasks. They offer an easy-to-use interface, so your staff won't need to undergo months of training before using them. However, a lot of the manual procedures are now automated, further streamlining workflows. Until everyone has mastered the hotel management system, there is no need to spend money on training and put your company behind. It can be incorporated into your company, allowing you to carry on with business as usual.

Task Automation

Hotel management software can automate many components within your organization to reduce employee stress and improve efficiency. You can set up your hotel management system to generate routine reports using previously defined metrics utilizing information from various sources.

The appropriate stakeholders may receive these reports. On the other side, these systems can be configured to automatically send out review requests to visitors following their stay across several platforms. This is how you may effortlessly gather useful input. Additionally, to make sure their facilities are in top condition, hotels can set up automatic notifications for their maintenance departments.

Housekeeping Module

With one-click operations and the ability to check room statuses, Covenant Technologies' Hotel Management Software Housekeeping module relieves the load on your housekeeping crew by tracking dirty and clean rooms, room blocking, lost and found, guest requests, complaints & clearance, and laundry billing. Our cleaning software successfully increases service efficiency and decreases paperwork since it operates in perfect rhythm with the front desk.

The most recent room status information is shown on an easy-to-use dashboard in our hotel housekeeping software, which is nicely organized in a tabular style. To complete tasks quickly across rooms, you have access to easy point-and-click capabilities.

Banquet Management

The banquet software handles a variety of tasks, including venue availability, booking inquiries, banquet reservations, catalogue and menu creation, function prospectuses, chef's pre-costing, cover analysis, billing and settlement, and more. Complete banquet bookings and contracts are handled using this system. You may handle everything with the aid of this software, which is integrated with front office, billing, and other modules. This includes choosing the menu and accepting reservations for the entire month. Additionally, it creates a detailed calendar for the entire month that includes information on all events, etc.

Audit reports on bill re-settlement, bill re-prints, venue inquiry chart, function of the day, booking data, banquet sales analysis, banquet sales prediction, popularity analysis, and cover analysis are just a few of the analysis and detailed reporting options offered.

Stores & Inventory

The hotel inventory management software offers support for one or several stores, material issue to departments, order level tracking, wastage & expiry tracking, kitchen closing stock, stock variance, and stock valuation.

Make indents and purchase orders, accounts payable, buy invoice management, and vendor management. The Indents from Departments, Kitchen Requisitions, Purchase Order, Vendor Analysis, and Material Receipts & Purchases are all managed using Covenant Technologies' Procurement & Purchase module. A great recipe management system with accurate ingredient pricing. Calculating option costs on a stock transfer basis. Door locks, bar codes, QR-based web check-in apps, touch screens, biometric devices, smart cards, payment gateway, channel managers, loyalty card systems, etc. are all linked into the Covenant Technologies Software for Hotels.

Guest Management

A member's admission, personal and family information, the use of facilities, subscription and billing, a smart card interface, SMS notifications, and integration with the member app and member portal are all covered by Covenant Technologies' guest management system.

SMS notifications to guests for checked-in and checked-out status. SMS management for daily sales and various tasks. The corporate client master, tag amenities and rates to corporate and travel agents, and corporate on revenues are managed by the hotel management solution's sales and marketing module. It also addresses client loyalty, birthday and anniversary reminders, complaints and responses, and consumer feedback and analysis. It also offers committed customer assistance that is available around- the-clock.

Hotel Analytical Report

To comprehend your hotel's financial situation, you must have the appropriate collection of hotel financial reports. The monthly summary reports, room report, close out balance report, deposit received report, daily revenue report, posting audit report, and pending balance of each guest folio are only a few of the crucial reports included in hotel financial reports. You can have total control over the financial facets of operations, sales, and marketing with the use of these reports.

This significant hotel management system report includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that offer historical data on the previous performance of your resort. Based on market demand, occupancy, season, and other factors, you can analyze them and create precise forecasts. In order to increase your revenue, you can select the correct pricing to sell the right room to the right people at the right time.

The benefits of a Hotel Management System

Hotel management software solves complex operations like multiple booking channels, guest management, and housekeeping with ease. The adoption of hotel management software by large or even small hotel chains can aid in the filling of gaps and the transformation of complex work into easier operations.

 Help you automate and streamline daily operations, improve overall efficiency.

 Ensure real-time flow of information between departments

 Manage both front office and back office operations with a robust cloud-based software

 Ensure improved staff efficiency

 With higher degree of automation, and reduces dependency on manpower.

 Opportunity to book a hotel room online.

 Well-organized Inventory control.

 Dynamic Changes of the tariff plan.

 Client data storage in cloud

 Timely support to ensure software is up.

 Assign tasks to team members, and even set reminders

 Monitor your hotel performance from anywhere you want and wherever you are.

 Enjoy the convenience of 24 x 7 accessibility.

All hotel operations, including guest feedback, travel agency management, booking, check-in, etc., may be managed using this cloud-based platform. Workflows with other organizations can be optimized while managing and automating crucial operations.

You have a straightforward user interface with a variety of customization choices and extensive integration to simplify your task. For one of the most affordable prices on the market, you can obtain all of these fantastic features and functionalities that can even manage the requirements of huge hotel chains.

You should use hotel management software as soon as possible. Your digital platform allows you to offer new digital services to visitors that will enhance their entire experience in addition to allowing you to improve your results internally.