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Competitive Benefits of Cloud-based Standalone Application in Context of Business

Want to enhance productivity and communication within your business without leaving your computer? There’s a Cloud-based standalone application software that meets your needs.

With the ever-increasing demand for mobility that requires constant access to the data from the database seems to be the necessity of cloud storage in extent. Though the quantity of data increases the chance of overwhelming storage space. So for certain business tasks, cloud-based standalone desktop applications are a great match. They are a powerful business tool that solves specific problems and makes it almost possible for someone to use major company data by third-parties. Hereby you have the chance of going with cloud-based standalone application software in order to streamline all your business requirements and operations at ease.

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What Is a Cloud-based Standalone Application?

A Cloud-based standalone application is an application that runs locally on the device and doesn’t require anything else to be functional. All the logic is built into the app, so it is simply customized software that provides all features whatever client needs.

Unlike web applications that run in a browser and don’t need to be installed, cloud-based standalone applications require completely the opposite. They need no browser to run, but often demand a device to be installed on. However, there are also portable standalone applications created for some platforms (like Windows) that can run just by double-clicking a single file, with installation.

Cloud-based Standalone applications are not bound to any specific platform. Among them are standalone desktop applications (for Windows, Mac, Linux), standalone mobile applications (for iOS, Android), etc. “Standalone” just stands for “independent from anything else”.

Where Can a Cloud-based Standalone Application Be Used?

As mentioned above, cloud-based standalone applications with access to internet connection are required for main application functionality. All the data can be stored privately on the cloud storage. Cloud-based standalone applications are popular because they provide the highest levels of management visibility, security, and physical data proximity for both client and key business data.

Cloud-based Standalone Application can be increasingly used in production Industries, Retailers & distributors company, Hospitals, Medical fields like pharmacy, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Saloons, Spa, Garments, Supermarkets, Fitness club, Transports etc., and recognized as perfect software of the future, proving that the cloud is here to stay. >

Why Should You Focus on Cloud-based Standalone Applications?

Enterprises usually benefit from applying those into specific business operations such as accounting, HR processes, CRM, etc. It is dedicated to one area so it brings a focus onto a business segment so the entrepreneur receives detailed and crystal clear reports and there is no need to search for some specific information among loads of data.

Cloud-based Standalone software often gives you in-depth reporting capabilities and advanced functionality as required per your business needs.

Why Must Enterprise Businesses Move to the Cloud?

Software’s present and future are located in the cloud. If you’re an enterprise owner whose business isn’t already cloud-ready, you’re behind. And not just one year behind, or two years behind. You’re nearly a decade behind where you should be in your digital transformation.

We Covenant Technologies are here to help you catch up. To offer you a frictionless path from desktop applications and physical servers to the cloud. That path starts here, where we’ll explain why more and more businesses are moving their databases and software deployment to the cloud. After all, the cloud didn’t become the way of the world for no reason; it carried significant advantages that pulled forward-facing software organizations there.

Adopting Cloud-based standalone applications brings your company the following benefits:

1. Accessibility

Unlike web applications, cloud-based standalone applications can be accessed whenever possible. Anywhere you can approach authorized data stored in the storage of remote servers. Accessibility at any time – business data is available twenty-four hours a day from any location in the world, providing a reliable Internet connection is available at the location. Accessibility refers to being easily accessible by anyone. In other words, accessibility is the characteristic that allows cloud services and tools to be used without problems by everyone to fulfill the purposes which they are designed for.

2. Lower Investment

No matter which operating system your device is using, you don’t need huge investments in numerous versions of your cloud-based standalone application software. Therefore, compared to other software applications, cloud-based standalone application software costs less.

Cloud-based standalone applications are cost-effective because costs usually directed at purchasing hardware and software are immediately eliminated. Operational, maintenance and upgrade costs, setup and maintenance is eliminated too. The cost savings include the additional benefits of using cloud resources with an improved cyber security and data recovery posture outlined in the feature.

3. Cost-effective, Fast Deployment

Building multiple versions for different platforms also slows down the launch of mobile and desktop apps. But Cloud-based standalone applications can solve this problem. Even when your company plans to change from a web app to a cloud analog, the transition doesn’t need additional software. So the cloud-based standalone application can be economically and fast deployed.

Developed with Covenant Technologies, the Cloud-based standalone application is standard-based, application software that deploys pre-configured, customized security and compliance controls across enterprise and third-party ecosystems. Operate with speed and agility, simplifying how workloads are distributed and managed, and enabling innovation

4. Data Backup

Implementing cloud data backup can help bolster an organization's data protection, business continuance and regulatory compliance strategies without increasing the workload of users. The labor-saving benefit can be significant and enough of a consideration to offset some of the additional costs associated with cloud backup, such as data transmission charges.

Don’t sit back and relax when you finally have moved your application to the cloud and everything is running fine. Even though cloud providers offer redundant cloud server storage, and data backup, we advise you to always put your own data backup policy in place. Make sure you always have a periodic copy of your own data, off-line, and on your own premises. You never know, just in case!

5. High Scalability

Cloud-based standalone application work based on a customized software as well as cloud resource, as already mentioned. There’s no need to build extra software configurations for your device to run the application. They are optimized to help cloud-based standalone applications handle an excessive number of concurrent users. So, such software possibly performs well when your company or project scales up.

Cloud scalability is the ability of a cloud-based system to automatically and dynamically adjust its capacity in response to changes in demand. This cloud scalability can significantly benefit businesses that experience spikes in demand or need to expand their operations rapidly.

6. Cloud-Based Storage

The introduction of cloud-based standalone applications helps businesses solve a big problem related to data storage many companies are facing now.

More particularly, cloud-based standalone applications store all data and files on the cloud. Whenever requested, data can be fast allocated to a user’s device. Meanwhile, corporate data of desktop applications are distributed to various servers which can be categorized into two key groups: cloud and on-premises. This benefits companies in some ways but also acts as a two-edged sword. Requesting data from different sources may slow a desktop app’s performance. Additionally, your business can minimize the possibility of losing data incurred by hardware failures when using cloud-based standalone applications with cloud-based storage.

7. Security

Cloud-based standalone applications can be more secured if hosted on dedicated servers. Such platforms allow your programs to make full use of a server’s resources (e.g. RAM or storage) instead of sharing them with other application software or sites. Concurrently, they are under the continuous supervision of professional cloud-based administrators.

What makes cloud storage so safe? First, servers are usually located in warehouses that most workers don't have access to. Secondly, the files stored on cloud servers are encrypted. This means that they are scrambled, which makes it far harder for cybercriminals to access. Enterprises should automate cloud-based application monitoring, incident response, and configuration as much as possible that can protect an enterprise end-to-end across all platforms.

8. Easy Updates and Maintenance

As Cloud-based standalone applications operate on cloud servers, they are easy to update and maintain without the need of reinstalling or reconfiguring client devices. Leveraging software applications to drive business growth is quickly becoming a game-changer for organizations around the world.

From transforming end-user experience, creating new revenue channels, and making business innovation-ready to targeting a wider customer base – cloud-based software is one of the single most important elements within an organization. This has made application development and maintenance a strategic requirement for all of those looking to add value and improve business outcomes.The servers are easily maintained and the downtime is very low; in some cases, there is no downtime. Cloud computing comes up with an update every time by gradually making it better.


Cloud-based standalone enterprise applications are indispensable for businesses with a heavy focus on each specific department like finance or HR, etc. They help to utilize the entire core and more advanced functionalities each area needs without the fear of getting lost in extra unnecessary data from other branches.

The main consideration here is to choose or create a software solution that fits your business needs best. There are several options like searching among the already existing software on the market, probably shaping it to your needs, or creating a solution specifically tailored to your objectives.

If you choose the last option, then it requires you to find a contractor that will be able to cover the tech side and become a valuable partner of yours. Covenant Technologies will not only deliver the software to your requirements but make professional suggestions for its improvement. This way you will be able to focus on your main goals delegating the tech execution to such an enterprise company.